Review: Sunwarrior illumin8 Vanilla Bean Shake

As anyone knows, I’m always down to try new protein products. I’m not a huge meat eater and I have a massive sweet tooth, so shakes and bars help me kill my cravings while still staying within my macros. I recently had the opportunity to try Sunwarrior illumin8 shakes through a Social Nature campaign.


I will say that I have tried Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend protein and left somewhat disappointed. It was chalky, did not dissolve well and had a weird aftertaste. Well, let’s see if those problems are solved with illumin8:


So far, so good. At least it blends fairly well, some bits left in the bottom but there would be with whey protein too.

However, the improvements stopped there. It still tasted like most plant based shakes – chalky with an aftertaste. Add to that, the “green” flavor was definitely still there.

I only received 1 packet each of vanilla bean and aztec chocolate, so I have not had the opportunity to bake with them. While most plant based proteins don’t make for good shakes, they do tend to lend themselves well to baking as they take the place of some of the flour.

In short, I don’t recommend these as drinks. But feel free to experiment.


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