Random Thoughts: Lunch for Breakfast and Physique Update

I’m back folks! The past few weeks have been a struggle between illness and working long hours, so it kind of got in the way of blogging.

Among other things the extra work hours caused was an interruption in meal prepping. I was literally out shopping last Sunday when I got a frantic text from my boss to come in to work. As soon as I got home, I popped my 2 packages of chicken in the fridge, changed clothes and headed back out. 9:30 that night, I got home, reluctantly put the still-raw chicken in the freezer. Fortunately, between the frozen chicken from the previous week, the Tyson Grilled ‘n Ready Chicken Breast Fillets that happened to be on sale and a few more free meals at work than I care to admit to, I didn’t need to prep until yesterday.

I don’t need to do much prep for breakfast though. I stick to cottage cheese, fruit, and either cereal if its a high carb day or sausage if its a low carb day. If I had run out of prepared foods, I probably would’ve resorted to breakfast for lunch and dinner.

But what about lunch for breakfast?

Case in point: this was my midmorning snack today (working in a restaurant throws my meal times off some):


And this was my lunch:


Same 3 basic components: Chicken, vegetable and fat. They tasted the same way no matter what hour I eat them at, so why not?

How about you? Do you eat traditional lunch foods for breakfast? What about breakfast for lunch? And have you ever not prepped enough food for the week? Discuss!

Before I go, progress has been slow due to my life craziness, but here’s my current status in my brand new bikini from Target:


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