Random Thoughts: My Superbowl Sunday & Time To Start Cutting

As I’m typing, my TV is off.

I never have been a football person, not even for my hometown team. I do have my tradition – not consuming ridiculous amounts of calories at a Super Bowl Party – but going to Outback Steakhouse.  Super Bowl Sunday seems to be the one night of the year where we can get seated without calling ahead.

It doesn’t mean I don’t indulge:

I did decide to get the Alice Springs Chicken, though I opted for veggies instead of fries. And I did indulge in some bread.

And that brings me to my next phase:


That was me at 6am this morning. My weight was an even 130. I was 131.8 on Super Bowl Sunday last year, which is also when I started cutting last year.

So, once again, that Alice Springs Chicken is my last big indulgence before my cut. Unlike last year, I am treating this first phase as just a cut, a diet down. I am going to see where I stand in May, enjoy my birthday and all the free food that goes with it, and then decide on a show.

What about you? Do you ignore the Super Bowl? Do you indulge? Do you have another tradition? Discuss!


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