Random Thoughts: Why New Year’s resolutions anyway?

So how was your holiday?

Quite frankly, I haven’t celebrated anything. I only have a seafood dinner with my family on Christmas Eve, and skip Christmas Day in favor of quiet (as opposed to 2 overwhelmed screaming kids at my sister’s house). Then, New Year’s Eve I ended up working from 4-midnight and sleeping most of New Year’s Day. 

But it is New Years now, which in turn brings up the topic of resolutions. 

There seems to be an endless discussion on various blogs about resolutions. Whether you like it or not though, people will make resolutions, and they probably won’t stick to them. 

Having said that, I have made a resolution. In 2017, I will do more for me. When I stepped on stage last September, I did it for me. And it felt amazing. I am going to find the things that bring me joy rather than pleasing anyone else. 

But while I have fitness goals in 2017, they are not resolutions. I hope I can hit a 1x body weight squat and 100lb bench. I will finish my CPT. And I really hope to do at least two shows this year. But I started setting those goals before I even stepped on stage. 

My point? Set goals when you’re ready. If you’re still finishing Christmas treats or SAD is sapping your motivation to workout, so be it. You’re not ready. When you are ready, you’ll be much more likely to succeed. 

What about you? Did you make a resolution last year that you didn’t stick to? Did you make one this year? Do you have another name for it? Discuss!


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