Sunday Funday (A Day Early) 

What do you associate most with Christmas?

For me, a big part of it was spending the day lounging around in my nightgown, and having cinnamon rolls with eggnog for breakfast. 

I do love eggnog. However, with over 300 calories per cup, it’s hardly macro-friendly. Last year, I tried Silk Seasonal Nog for the first time and loved it. Still, it’s a tad high in carbs and low on protein and fat – the macros most people struggle with. 

This year’s solution:

The one catch: you do need to weigh the pudding out ins scale. But since a kitchen scale is an essential tool for all fitness-minded foodies, this should be a non issue. 

Eggnog Protein Shake

1 serving

  • 1 serving/scoop vanilla protein powder of choice
  • 1 serving vanilla instant pudding (8g for Jello sugar Free)
  • Dash of ground nutmeg
  • 8oz cold water or milk of choice

Shake it up and that’s it!

I drank this shake before heading out to a Christmas party at work in hopes of not overeating. Did I succeed? Well…no. I ate no less than half a dozen wings, two cupcakes and 20 or so cookies. But Christmas only comes around once  a year, and it is the offseason. I did get a workout in this morning, so hopefully some of those extra 3000 calories or so will be put to good use. Besides, our area manager makes some darn good cookies (thanks Kim). 

What about you? Do you associate special foods with Christmas? Do you try to avoid over-eating at parties? Do you succeed or do you give up? Discuss!


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