Sunday Funday: Protein Mousse

Who else ends up buying certain food items around the holidays and never during the rest of the year?


In our house, one of those foods is Cool Whip. It’s our go-to topping for our pumpkin pie, but there’s always just a little bit left in the tub when the pumpkin pie is gone. Since I hate letting food go to waste, these leftovers often spark my creativity.

I weighed out the remaining Cool Whip and it was roughly 34g, or almost 4 servings (I seldom use measuring cups or spoons outside of work – weight is much more accurate, even for liquids). I added one single serving packet of CVS Cookies and Cream Whey (this would work with whatever protein powder suits your fancy) and thinned it out with a little water until it was mixable.

The result? A light but satisfying mousse with the added protein benefit. I may not rush out for more Cool Whip to make this again, but it’s certainly something to consider the next time there’s just a little left.

What about you? Do you buy foods you normally don’t during the holidays? What do you do with the leftovers? Discuss!




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