Review: 3 New Quest Bar Flavors

It’s probably no secret I love protein bars.

My sweet tooth is pretty insatiable. There were days before I started tracking macros that I would eat an entire package of cookies in one day. While I now eat relatively healthy, a protein bar of some sort is a part of my nightly snack. And one would be pretty hard pressed for me to find a bar I don’t like.

Quest Bars are probably my favorite bars, which is why it might seem surprising it took me so long to try their three new flavors. The reason? Because I love them so much, I do buy them by the box whenever they’re on sale. I’m not important enough (yet!) to be sent free samples and I wasn’t going to buy more when I had over a whole box in my pantry.

But I had to try them at some point, and in order of favoritism, here are the new flavors:

3. Blueberry Muffin: I did say in order of favoritism and I also said it would be hard to find a bar I didn’t like. I do feel like this would be better branded as Blueberry Pie, and I’m slightly biased towards chocolate flavors. It’s still a pretty darn good bar if you prefer fruit flavors, and I would definitely eat it again even if I would pass it up for chocolate flavors in the store

2. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip: This one was more up my ally. My issue with this bar is that I’m missing where the oatmeal comes from…honestly, I couldn’t really put my finger on any real difference between this one and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. This will probably be one I purchase in the future, but it’s still not my favorite Quest Bar

1. Rocky Road: I love marshmallows – S’mores is tied with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for my favorite Quest Bar flavor – rather, it was. The nuts did take a backseat in the flavor, but it was a rich chocolate and the marshmallow flavor was really strong. Far and away my new favorite Quest Bar.

Well, that’s my review of the 3 new Quest Bar flavors. Now, Dear Quest, can you please make a Red Velvet bar?







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