Random Thoughts: Physique Update & Thanksgiving Dinner

First things first: Happy Thanksgiving!

ppetmpdupI took this selfie Sunday afternoon. I’m sitting, pre-Thanksgiving dinner, at 119.4lbs…5.4lbs over stage weight. I’m eating 2100 calories a day except on days I scuba dive, when I eat to satiation – which may mean 3500 calories if I feel especially carb-depleted. I can definitely recognize that most of the weight I put on so far is glycogen and water. I still have abs, surprisingly. But I feel fuller.

Granted, this is pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Which brings me to my plate today:


I did not eat much at the table for several reasons:

  1. My family insists on eating “dinner” at 2pm and I don’t feel well if I eat a large meal early.
  2. My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the pie, and a slice each of French Silk and Pumpkin pie runs about 1000 calories.
  3. I actually don’t particularly care for stuffing, among other things
  4. I’m also in charge of carving the turkey and putting leftovers away, and I tend to do a lot of munching during those activities.

Don’t get me wrong – I will still end up eating close to 5000 calories today. I will drink some Yogi Detox Tea to alleviate some of the bloating and take a diuretic tomorrow. However, I stuck to my game plan. I’m building right now so I need calories. I still got my workout in this morning. Most importantly, I enjoyed myself.

What about you? Did you have a game plan for Thanksgiving? Did you stick to it? Discuss!


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