Sunday Funday: Coconut Mojito Avocado Pudding


img_4775If you follow me on Instagram, there’s a few things you’ve probably figured out about me, besides the fact I like to work out and cook. For one thing, I also love video games. But I’m also an avid fan of BeautyFit products and it’s probably the only non-store brand I’m loyal to. Not bad for a brand I discovered through a giveaway.

One thing that probably isn’t as apparent through my Instagram is that I love using avocados in sweet applications. During peak week of my recent NPC Bikini competition, Meal #4 included 100g of avocado. I mashed it with some stevia and cinnamon for dessert! Avocado is actually a fruit – the world’s largest berry, in fact  – and as such also pair well with fruits, especially (at least in my personal opinion) acidic fruits like citrus and pineapple.

Which brings me back to BeautyFit. They always include a few samples in your order, and when they introduced Coconut Pineapple Mojito BeautyRecover, it became a regular inclusion. BeautyRecover is my favorite BCAA powder, both for its inclusion of electolytes (much needed in Florida!) and the taste – at least for Bluerazz, Kiwi Strawberry and Strawberry Grapefruit. I’m not the biggest coconut fan. The other day I was going through my sample packs and wondered if there was something else I could do with them. In steps the mashed avocado:


There really is no recipe here. Just 1 avocado (mine was about 120g), 1 serving BeautyRecover Coconut Pineapple Mojito, and 1/4tsp Pink Salt. It was a delicious mid-morning snack full of healthy fats to get me through my usual Sunday shopping and meal prep.

Now here’s the question of the day: Do you ever use supplements like BCAA’s in unconventional ways? How?


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