Sunday Funday: 3 Can Cranberry Chili


img_4745-1Even in Florida, the weather is cooling off.

Of course, that means we reach highs in the low 80’s, but that’s no excuse to start enjoying comfort foods and the flavors of fall. And believe me, after this week, I need comfort foods.

This 3 can cranberry chili was inspired by the chili at a now-shuttered local restaurant. From what I gathered, they simmered dried cranberries in with the tomatoes. My mother loved it.

This chili is a tad sweeter tasting, but personally I prefer it. You can add additional chili powder, of course, if you would like it a tad hotter. And of course, you can add a pound of ground beef or turkey – my boss swears that chili is not chili without the meat. The best part of this recipe though is that there is really no recipe:

And that’s literally it. 3 cans. It’s easiest to melt the cranberry sauce first over medium to high heat:


It mixes in much better that way. It’s not totally necessary, but it does help.

Question of the Week:

What makes chili “chili”?

My boss says it needs meat. Texans say no beans. So what makes a good bowl of chili for you?




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