I Did It! Post Show Thoughts

froyoI was sitting at the mall this afternoon, enjoying a cup of Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt toppings and wondering how I was going to start this blog. A million thoughts should have been going through my head. But it boiled down to one thing:

I did it. I may have finished dead last, but I got myself out and competed in an NPC Bikini competition.

But what did I truly do? What did 34 weeks of dieting, sacrificing time with my family and friends to work out, all to strut on stage for 10 seconds in a tight fitting bikini?

For one thing, I proved I could. I was always the chubby kid – active and muscular but overweight. To get myself to the point I could be on stage and fit in was an accomplishment in of itself.show-day

I also met a lot of people. This year, the show I did, Hurricane Bay, had a professional IFBB component as well. While we may not be on stage at the same time, we were backstage together, allowing us to intermingle and chat. I found them to be nothing but encouraging and helpful.

It didn’t stop there. Overall, the environment encouraged the athletes to strike up conversations.  I spent most of the time waiting for the Parade of Elegance chatting with two women who both, independent of one another, rescue parrots. There was a firefighter, a massage therapist, and multiple military vets. It is somewhat interesting how many different people all had the same interest.

In the end though, it all boils down to a childhood dream, one I never thought I could fulfill but the title on my ID badge sealed it for me:



Sure, I’m no pro, but now I’m officially considered an athlete. I am now, even in a completely different sport, living my dream. And now I must continue to improve upon that.

How? Well, that’s what this blog is for….


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